THD Revolution

Haemorrhoidal Ailment and Prolapse - New Therapy through Modern Technology.

Haemorrhage and prolapses, as typical symptoms of a haemorrhoidal ailment, are treated innovatively through a minimal invasive and non-traumatic, therapeutic approach.

The surgeon is supported by an extremely sensitive ultrasound probe which guarantees a safe and effective correction of increased arterial influx. The six branches of the upper rectal artery can easily be detected and selectively be ligated. A needle guidance ensures a standardized ligation through a defined window on the device with a predictable result. The equipment was developed with and for surgeons, which basically enables a simple, safe and fast correction of prolapses, by repositioning the tissue to its anatomical and physiological, natural location (mucopexy). This reposition allows the preservation of the continence function. As the treatment is free of pain and is given under general anaesthesia, the patient is allowed to return to their normal activity very quickly– which marks a milestone from a historical point of view.

Your Advantages

Quick convalescence through minimal invasive and non-traumatic approach – Single, repeatable approach – No severe complications – Broad field of indications.


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