Versator® MorSafe™

A paradigm changing system for safe tissue morcellation, now a reality.....

Introducing Versator + MorSafe = A winning combination

The Versator tissue mocellator is unique in that it is a resposable product, offering you the ability to morcellate using a light weight, powerful disposable handpiece while having the ability to reuse the rotor up to 10 times.

The MorSafe tissue morcellation bag has been designed and is specifically indicated for morcellation in order for you to successfully prevent dissemination of morcellated tissue around the peritoneal cavity.

Some of the benefits and key features are:

FAST cutting of tissue with a maximum speed of 2000 rpm.
ERGONOMIC design reduces fatigue and improves control
EXPANDABLE OBTURATOR facilitates smooth device insertion
ROTATABLE CORE GUARD allows comfortable device position and reduces fatigue to hand
REDUCERS maintain seal even while using graspers of sizes 5 mm to 10 mm
OPTIMISED CORE GUARD PROFILE for improved tissue stability and patient safety
DUAL CUTTING MODES facilitates cutting of tissue in coring or peeling mode


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