The Number 1 Choice for Disposable Laparoscopic Instruments Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Quick™ sterile-packed disposable laparoscopic instruments are designed to deliver ultimate performance in a simple, convenient format. Each device comes complete with a handle and insert. A range of insert configurations are available.

 Key Strengths

  • Disposable - maximum convenience and ultimate performance at minimum cost
  • Electro-cautery connection is positioned for unobtrusive monopolar diathermy
  • Large tactile rotation cone ensures accurate control of the distal tip
  • Ergonomically designed handle enhances tactile feedback for high-precision procedures
  • Ratchet mechanism is conveniently located for ease for actuation
  • Quick™ jaws are profiled to ensure atraumatic manipulation of tissue
  • A range of instrument configurations available Quick™Cut (scissors) and Quick™Range (graspers and dissectors)
  • Available with familiar "pistol-grip" handle with or without ratchet
  • Quick™Cut blades are precision-ground for optimum cutting performance


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