TiO2Mesh™ - GS-Mesh Implant

TiO2 - GS-Mesh For Bilateral Hernia Repair

The bilateral GS-Mesh is a surgical mesh implant, which has specifically been developed for the repair of bilateral inguinal hernias. It is the only mesh available on the market for the treatment of this specific condition.
The GS-Mesh allows for the surgery to be carried out without having recourse to overlapping meshes.
The polypropylene fibers are coated with a 100% pure titanium dioxide layer. As a result, the mesh presents an excellent biocompatibility - reaction to foreign bodies and complications are thus substantially reduced.

Product benefits:

  • Titanium dioxide coating for excellent biocompatibility
  • Large pored mesh structure made of monofilament threads for improved fibroblastic ingrowth and reduced shrinkage
  • Light weight character
  • High tensile strenght 55 N/cm
  • Self-fixating
  • High flexibility and reduced rigidity for excellent mesh adaption


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TiO2Mesh™ - GS-Mesh Implant 

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